MAMA Red Brown

MAMA Red Brown, 2014
Aluminium tubes and treated brass
110 x 235, 5 x 6 cm

The series Mama encompasses extremes; exploring the universal mother figure through the unique nature of voice. Sculpture is the primary medium used to represent and recreate sound in this series. As humans we are unified by the fact that we all have a mother, we can all relate to the concept, although in many different ways and with many different views.

There is a strong emotional weight to the word ‘Mama’; whether positive or negative, a reaction is always evoked. The individuality of these reactions is as unique as the voices which produce the word.

Mama is based on recordings of the word ‘Mama’ from people of various nationalities and backgrounds. Sound waves form free standing sculptures and mobiles – the multifaceted and variable nature of Mother is reflected in the movement of these pieces.

MAMA solo show 2014

at MAC Maja Arte Contemporanea,

Rome, Italy